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A project of the Civic Data Design Lab at MIT
Our Current Work


2.1 - Pollution Through Chinese Eyes

July 23, 2015

1.3 - The Current Condition of Cleveland's Surburbs

Feb 27, 2015

1.2 - Cleveland's Surburban History

Feb 20, 2015

1.1 - Background on Race and the Suburbs

Feb 13, 2015


The Data Action project will develop and prototype examples of how data visualization can be used to influence debates on civic issues and ultimately affect policy. The unprecedented growth of data has generated excitement in popular media and press for its ability using it to reshape the dynamics of everyday life. However, big data does not act on its own and will not change the world unless it is collated and synthesized into tools that people can acquire and use. The Data Action project will develop data visualizations on current events to provide examples for how anyone can use data to to expose hidden patterns and ideologies to audiences inside and outside the policy arena to encourage civic change.

Who We Are

We are research assistants and collaborators at the Civic Data Design Lab.

Wenfei Xu

Project Manager

Wenfei is currently a masters student in architecture and urban planning at MIT. She is interested in the intersection of urban spatial analysis and data visualization.

Mike Foster

GIS and Visualization Specialist

Mike is a GIS/Data Visualization Specialist with DUSP, focusing on high level data visualization, spatial analysis, and cartographic techniques.

Sarah Williams

Director - Civic Data Design Lab

Sarah Williams is currently an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and the Director of the Civic Data Design Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and Planning.

Contact Us

Tell us what you think! We can be reached at data.action.project@gmail.com